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 Shanghai Company Change Registration both
Domestic and Foreign-invested
According to the The Company law of the People's Republic of China, after registration, if there are any items of a company want to be changed, including
(1) Company name change (change name)
(2) The shareholders’ share change (share transfer),
(3) The registered address change (address migration),
(4) The legal representative change (legal representative alteration),
(5) The registered capital change (capital increase and decrease),
(6) Operating Period change (delay, cancellation),
(7) The business scope change,
Should submit company change application to company registration administrations such as Industry and Commerce, etc. If such application was not submitted overdue, there will be overdue penalty with ten thousand yuan to one hundred thousand yuan (Article 211 of The Company law of the People's Republic of China).
Shanghai QiXiang Business Consulting Co., LTD. has experience in many Shanghai companies change. We can provide professional services to the company registration of change. The duration, flowpath and fees are based on the specific iterms to be changed. For domestic companies, it will take 1-2 months, for WOFEs,about 2 months . We will assure the success of your company change process. For further details , please contact the investment advisors of Shanghai QiXiang Business Consulting Co., LTD.
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