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Required Documents, Flow path and Duration for
Shanghai Domestica Company Registration
According to the company law of the People's Republic of China, Shanghai domestic company registration need to be dealt with according to the following process:
1. Checking names
Checking names is also called enterprise name checking, or Shanghai company name check, which is the first step of the Shanghai company registration. When checking the names, an applicant should provide the ID card of the legal representative and/or the shareholders, and the company names. The names of the company would be examined by the Registrar of the industrial and commercial bureau, and then submitted to the municipal industrial and commercial bureau for comprehensive examination. If one of the names is available to register, the municipal industrial and commercial bureau will issue a notice of the pre-approval of enterprise name registration with the seal of the name registration.
At this step, applicant should provide 2-10 alternative company names, and set forth the investment proportion, business scope.
Note: business scope is not necessarily the more the better, because much business scope, can give people a sense of multifarious, which is not conducive to business promotion; A little less, can give a person sense of professional, to promote brand easily. So, as long as the business scope can ensure your business carried out properly, it’s adequate.
Example: Shanghai (administrative division) + QiXiang (company name) + Business Consulting (industry) + Co., Ltd. (type).
Note: the industry in a company name should be specified.
2. Providing ID Cards
Applicant provide original ID cards of all the shareholders of the company to be registered.
If there shall be new regulations, the related departments and the applicant should cooperate with each other to complete the process in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state.
3. Qualification Application
If the business scope has items which need special permission, we will submit the application for qualification approval.
If there are any special licensing projects still need special permission, we submit to related departments for qualification approval. According to the situation of industry and the corresponding department, we divided into pre-examination and approval and post-examination and approval. (special permission project involved, such as: food distribution, wine wholesale, medical equipment, labor dispatch, road transport, film and television production, etc.)
4. Applying for business license
After examination, the industrial and commercial bureau will issue business license, and announce the establishment of enterprise.
5. Engrave seals/stamps/Chops
After establishment, Shanghai companies are supposed to open bank account. In the process, the seals/stamps: company official seal, financial seal and legal representative seal.
6. Required Documents and Duration:
1. Check the name (five working days), provide the ID card of the legal representative and/or the shareholders, the shareholders’ proportion of investment, business scope, registered capital
2. Submit all documents to the industrial and commercial bureau for the business license (15 working days) (we prepare materials for the investors to sign)
3. Claim the business licenses and make the balance payment (service charge, bookkeeping agency fee)
4. Open the company basic bank account
5. Check and ratify taxes to receive the invoices
6. Bookkeeping Agent; After Shanghai domestic company registration has been completed, each company should declare tax monthly, we can provide bookkeeping and tax declaration agent service.

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